Grocery Shopping Tip ~ Look for Peel Off Coupons

peel off coupons
We’ve got a very easy and basic way for you to save some money at the grocery store. If you’re a regular coupon user, the existence of peel off coupons will not exactly be breaking news to you. However, if you’re new to the coupon game, this is one of the easiest ways to get started.

When you’re shopping, simply keep your eye out for coupons attached to certain products. Looking for crackers? Before you grab what you want, look at the boxes and see if you can spot a coupon on one of them! It’s a common occurrence and is a very easy way to save money right away! Some examples of peel off coupons are pictured above.

Note: keep an eye on the expiration date of products with peel-off coupons on them. Some stores such as Rite Aid put this type of coupon on products that are soon to be expired to try and move them out of their store.

Now, the intent of these peel off coupons is that you use them right then, on that purchase. So don’t go around peeling off all of the coupons and taking them home.

You’ll also want to make sure that you are not holding coupons that are a better value for those products. That’s how we wound up with the products pictured above which still have coupons attached. We left the coupons on in case we want to use them later, which is certainly acceptable to do.

Anyway, that’s a really simple way that you can save a few bucks without having to do any planning at all!

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  1. Great article! It’s nice to see a really easy way to use coupons, even if I don’t clip them!

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